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What are the reasons behind changing link behaviours in 2016 Responsive Theme?

Question asked by on May 12, 2017

We are testing our new theme before upgrading this summer. One of the main reasons for changing is to address some of the web accessibility and consistency issues that are present with the use of course themes.

The way that links are displayed in the TopTabs, Course Menu Links, and course content have some changes to them, but from my testing they probably do not pass Web Accessibility Tests from browser usage.

Examples can be seen in Modules such as Course List, and hyperlinks in course content. In the Course List there is no hover state to indicate you are accessing a link, and it is inferred from the list that each list item is a link. In the course content inline links are now blue with an underline, which I like and is an improvement, but again there is no hover state. The same is for Folder Links which are H3 links - they are underlined, but there is no hover state on clickable links.


We have also had to customise the topTab links because we had feedback suggesting that the colour change alone was not enough to show a link was being hovered on, or when a link was active.


I do not want to change CSS for course content - so I am interested to see if there is any documentation to explain changes in link behaviour so I can at least link to this as part of our accessibility review of the new theme.


On a side note, is there any useful documentation for utilising Responsive elements of the 2016 theme?