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URL/Name of your Blackboard Learn system

Question asked by judyl on May 8, 2017
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How did you decide the url/name of your learn system?


Are you using BLACKBOARD.x.x? LEARN.x.x? LMS.x.x? ELEARNING.x.x? ELS.x.x? (or any others)

Have you experienced any problem(s) promoting such url/name to your users (and getting them remember it)? 


We are now using for our current self-hosted system.  We are setting up a new LEARN SaaS and we would like to have a new URL/name for it (we will parallel run the new system and the current system over a period of time). 


When we picked for our current system, we hope that it would make the vendor/software less visible (compared to / we used in the past).

However, it took our users about 1 year to remember   And now, we still see frequent use of Blackboard when users refer to our current system.


We are thinking of going back to for the new SaaS system.

Thought that this is likely a question which all universities should have gone through and therefore want to have a check here.