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Why doesn't Collaborate Ultra support .wbd files and are there plans to support them?

Question asked by ap31306 on May 10, 2017

Blackboard Ultra does not appear to support the .wbd whiteboard file format, and there is no option to save .pptx PowerPoint files as .wbd files at the end of a session. This is a real problem as we create interactive sessions for students which require them to undertake sorting activities using movable elements and text. However .pptx files don't support these activities because the slides are effectively are flattened into an image file when they are loaded into Blackboard Ultra. Even if we load a blank file and add text afterwards we are unable to save these for future use. Are you planning to support .wbd file format in the future. If not we will need to seek an alternative platform as this functionality is essential for our award winning education service to 10,000 students a year.