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"clear snapshot temp space" button doesn't seem to do anything?

Question asked by cw31362 on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by nathan.mckean

I ran into the annoying issue in article 000035981 yesterday:

When processing a feed file in SIS integration, a primary key constraint error is thrown against the data_intgr_id_map_tmp table. As a result, the feed file is not processed.


The SIS framework uses the data_intgr_id_map_tmp table for temporary storage of data while it is processing a feed file.  When an SIS run completes successfully, it will remove the temporary data from this table, but if it fails for some reason, the data will be left behind.  These old records may be duplicates of newer records on future SIS runs, causing this error.


The solution in the article is to clear the database table manually (truncate table DATA_INTGR_ID_MAP_TMP), but I assumed the Clear Snapshot Temp Space button under System Admin >> Data Integration >> Data Sources would do the same thing. Apparently it doesn't, so I had to have support do it manually.


So, can anyone tell me what the button actually does? Jeff, I know you're kind of the data integration guy...