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Where have the spring annotations gone?

Question asked by er0042361 on Apr 28, 2017

Hi all,


I am in the process of updating a B2 from Learn version 9.1.110082.0 to 3100.0.0-rel.107. The b2 uses the newer Spring/Blackboard libraries (bb-platform-3100.0.0-rel.107.jar, bb-cms-admin-3100.0.0-rel.107.jar, bb-taglibs-3100.0.0-rel.107.jar).


When compiling the b2, I get the error: error: package blackboard.platform.spring.beans.annotations does not exist. import blackboard.platform.spring.beans.annotations.UserAuthorization;


I imagine this is happening because the libraries have been refactored in their newer version, and the packages I am looking for have moved.The problem I am facing is finding the new location for the Annotations (as well as other packages) I am using within my b2. Would there happen to be any documentation available that outlines the changes to the Blackboard libraries mentioned above?