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Complete Refresh post-April 26 developer office hours - followup

Question asked by goh.ian on Apr 26, 2017
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We disable students when they drop. Every so often, we're asked to re-enable the enrollment because the student is auditing.  We would use the University of York DSK tool to re-enable the enrollment and shift the enrollment DSK to SYSTEM (so our legacy snapshot wouldn't touch it).


If we create the STORE/DELETE pair of files, the student drop will appear in the DELETE.


I did some quick testing of the following scenario: if student drops, then gets overridden (put into SYSTEM DSK) to be re-enabled, will the DELETE feed disable them again?


The short answer is YES.  If you happen to re-process the DELETE feed that originally dropped the student, the student will get disabled, regardless of DSK.


Tim Grady mentioned a workaround at the developer office hour, but I wasn't clear what the workaround would be to protect a student who's been re-enabled but in SYSTEM DSK.