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Changing wording in "Send reminders about missing coursework" feature

Question asked by tp36301 on Apr 21, 2017
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We have been running larger group testing of features and potential bugs in Q4 2016 in our staging environment.


Someone had asked about "send reminders about missing coursework" feature and if the text could be modified. 


The default looks like below in wording in the email it sends the student.


"Subject: Course ID: Reminder to complete coursework


You currently don't have a grade or submission for the following coursework:


Title: Assignment Title

Course: Course Name

Course ID: Course ID


Please log in to review the instructions for this coursework and check the calendar for all due dates."


Does anyone know if this could be adjusted on the back end like in the language pack? 


I have searched in the language pack and came close but did not find this component.




Toni P.