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Master Course Management Needs for Online Campus

Question asked by tp36301 on Apr 20, 2017
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Our online campus has brought this need to our attention.  I am not sure if this would be better for the Data Reporting Group for MH as we do use OpenDB so I am cross posting this.


This is what they our online campus sent us for requirements.  I can't think of anything that would give them specifically data on these because they are manually created in the System DSK and are not from our SIS as real courses.  If you used the word "MASTER" that would include several face to face master courses.  Let me know anyone has had this request and some options to get this (preferably free).


Master Course Management Needs for Online Campus:

We are looking for a solution that tracks information related to our master courses and their related information and for our faculty and their involvement with online education. Some of the reports and/or questions we want to answer are:

  • Identifying courses requiring updates due to change in textbook, change to curriculum including outcomes, recommendations from staff or faculty, and/or length of time since last updated.
  • The progress of courses under development.
  • Courses belonging to a program including the status (developed, being developed, needs to be developed, needs to be updated).
  • Anticipated schedule of upcoming course developments.
  • The teaching and developing history of faculty.
  • Identifying course resources and their costs for each term and the impact of changing assigned course resources to both master courses and teaching sections.
  • Track teaching sections and assigned faculty for each term, including communication and process markers.

It also needs to support managing our online campus' core business processes of supporting faculty teaching online courses and the development of master courses including tracking communications, observations, key dates.




Toni P.