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Multiple users acessing/changing data from the same table at the same time.

Question asked by as0045500 on Apr 18, 2017
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Hi guys,


i'm developing a Scheduling system, so the students can schedule their last exam at their home, taking considerations about the capacity of the laboratory and so on...


I'm having a problem when two or more users runs a query with distinct fields in the system. Basically the system use's this framework:


Model - Controller - DbUtil - Controller - View


I did a test using jdbc locally and all went fine, but when i remove the jdcb dataSource and use the BB configs, like:


cManager = BbDatabase.getDefaultInstance().getConnectionManager();

conn = cManager.getConnection();


it is printing the last result of that query, but ignoring the session of each user. How blackboard handle conection pool? I'm totally lost on how to handle this issue.