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How do I check student activity within a course?

Question asked by chrisboon on Apr 18, 2017

We're in the process of evaluating all Blackboard courses, and are looking at the quality of content, and the amount of student activity.  We had hoped to use the Course Activity Overview report, but have found there's a known issue with the report whereby it includes all disabled enrolments in the report (see  This means that the Average Time Per Active Student is skewed by disabled enrolments, whilst the Number of Active Students figure is also incorrect.  This bug means it's very difficult to get a clear picture of whether students showing zero activity have disabled enrolments or have not used the course, without manually checking the course enrolments.  We've been told there's no scheduled fix or work around for this issue.


Has anyone found an alternative route to easily measure student activity in a course?  We're with Managed Hosting so don't have easy access to the database.


Many thanks,