What are you planning to do with your user experience in the future?

Discussion created by jason.hardin on Apr 14, 2017

Having talked to a few clients this week since we announce the end of life of Express and the news about Clean and More eventually not being supported by Moodle many clients are wondering what the best option is for them going forward for a theme. I can tell you what I would recommend as the user experience we get the most positive feedback on and that is Snap. I would recommend reevaluating Snap again with the MP2 release and the new features that we added. Review the latest release notes to find out more. The two major features are changing resources from cards to a list and then having the option to have the table of contents at the top or left side of the page.


For those who have decided Snap is just not for them, and we know it is not for everyone, you long term option as of July will be Boost. It is a very different theme than your teachers and students are used to with Moodle, which is a good thing in my opinion, with a new navigation and the desire to move away from blocks. It looks cleaner and simpler than Moodle's past themes and brings Moodle's user experience forward.


For those who are working on their plan for migrating to a new user experience please talk about your plans. I think this will help other institutions to figure out what they want to do. Some questions to ponder:

  • What is your institution thinking would be a good choice for you going forward for your user experience?
  • How often is your institution reviewing your branding and LMS user experience options?
  • How much or little do you customize the Moodle theme you choose?
  • How do you roll out a change in user experience to your instructors and students?
  • When is it ok for you to change your user experience for the LMS? Is there even an ok time or are you running so many semesters that there isn't much of a break?
  • How much help do you get from other areas of your institution to define your brand and user experience? How much influence do you want other areas to have?