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    the Q2, Q4 2016  B2 API getcoursemembership problem


      Hi Folks,


      Have you encountered this on Q2 2016 and Q4 2016?


        BbPersistenceManager bbPm = PersistenceServiceFactory.getInstance().getDbPersistenceManager();

        courseMembershipLoader = (CourseMembershipDbLoader) bbPm.getLoader(CourseMembershipDbLoader.TYPE);

      courseMembership = courseMembershipLoader.loadByCourseAndUserId(context.getCourseId(), user.getId());

      doesn't always return value, instead,  "sql connection closed" exception threw.

      Same behaviour was observed on


      I saw this on my Virtual Box and SaaS environment. The userId and courseId are all valid and the membership has been verified from DB table course_users. But nothing returns from Context.getCourseMembership() and courseMembershipLoader.loadByCourseAndUserId(context.getCourseId(), user.getId());

      I am pretty frustrated...