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Item Analysis Across Multiple Courses?

Question asked by lkerardi on Apr 12, 2017

Hi All,


Does anybody have any tips for quickly running and consolidating an Item Analysis report across multiple course sections? 


Here's our scenario:


- We have a required class in one of our schools with ~500 students taking it in any given semester.  Our class sizes are small, so that represents 16 individual course sections.

- There is a common final exam (same test taken by all of the students/course sections).

- The final exam for every section occurs at the same time.

- We have had some Bb performance issues in the past for large online tests, so rather than enrolling all of the individual sections into one Bb course, we are planning on having the students take the test in their individual Bb course sections.

- The School wants to run item analysis on the there a way to quickly consolidate the item analysis reports from the individual sections or does it need to be done manually offline?


Thanks for any and all suggestions!



Lauren Erardi

Quinnipiac University