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How to export and importing settings Student Information System Integrations with username

Question asked by ivokruchten on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by ivokruchten

Hi all,


Has any of you experience with exporting and importing the settings for Student Information System Integrations?

I noticed that everything is exported (and thus can be imported) except the username. and this is what I also need!


After the production > staging refresh our Student Information System Integrations are overwritten. No problem, but in our SIS connector we coded the endpoints and username/ password and when adding a new integration or importing one, a new username is generated.


In the XML of the export I see:



<id type="blackboard.platform.dataintegration.DataIntegration">_45_1</id>



I have tried to add for example:


But when imported a new username is generated.


Is there a way to choose a username up front?