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Guest access not working as expected.

Question asked by ed0046157 on Apr 10, 2017
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A lecturer has tried to set up guest access, and the "Permit Guests" option isn't showing for most content links in the left hand menu. Announcements have got the deny guests option - the rest are behaving as I'd expect discussions or other items that don't allow guest access to behave (i.e. permit guests isn't an option). The trouble is, they're just content - not discussions. So, guests can see the announcements - but nothing else.


I've even tried creating a new content link on the left, just in case the original person setting up kept copying a discussion area and deleting the discussion, or something like that! However, that also didn't work; permit guests wasn't an option.


Other courses work as I'd expect them to. Allow guests, then decide which bits the guests can see.


Is there some deeply hidden option that I need to enable on that particular course??