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Is there any issue with the application-defs?

Question asked by dl0054917 on Apr 7, 2017

When I deploy the BB using gradle everything works correctly. I can see the tool just correctly



But when I install it using the "upload building block", it dissapears!! Is driving me crazy

I actually tried to deploy another BB (not mine) and is also not working!!


Success: Ilos Building Block has been made 'Available' to the system and will display in courses and organizations. The default availability of this building block's tools within courses and organizations is controlled by the settings in the Tools page.



I tried modifying the permissions but I think that has nothing to do with it.

Am I missing something?


I'm attaching the bb-manifest

The system_tool is working

the vtbe_mashup_course is not


but I also tried with a simple course_tool and nothing is showing