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SIS integration: records in queue are handled in wrong order?

Question asked by ivokruchten on Apr 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by gw0046349

Hi all,


We are still testing our new SIS integration and we listened to Blackboard's earlier advise and switched from XML to CSV flatfiles.

But all that seems irrevelant to the problem that just came up, a bit of context:

Our SAP test system (source data) is sending two Person data files for the same person and in the SAP backupfiles they show up like this:

The first file from 10:22:33 gives a row_status DISABLED and a prim Inst_role: Empty.
The second file from 10:22:36 (three seconds later) gives a row_status ENABLED and a prim Inst_role: STUDENT.

If we check this user in our Bb staging we see row_status DISABLED and a prim Inst_role: Empty.

So it seems the first file was processed by Bb AFTER the second.
This can be disasterous to our data integration because these kind of status and role changes are very often being send from SAP within few seconds intervals.

When we check our new SIS connector logs we receive this:
- the first file (13f17616a6be42c28b1b2ad1065784f8) with role=empty and rowstatus 2 is coming in at 11:22:33
- the second file (cfbfc030f19e429883d42c6b65625a63) with role=student and rowstatus 0 is coming in at 11:22:36

According to the Blackboard SIS logs they both come in at 11:23:00. So our connector send these records at the same time (but still in the correct order) to a Blackboard endpoint and
we cannot see in which order they were processed.

My question in this is: Has anyone ever noticed this before as well? Any suggestions to resolve this?