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Third-Party Vendor Reports from Blackboard Course Sites

Question asked by Ian Holder on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by Ian Holder

A bit of an out-there question, potentially.


We want to make more reports available to academics.  We do, however, only want them to be able to see data from their own course site.


Thinking about this at a high-level, we are wondering about using Tableau, or Pyramid, and calling these reports from within a Blackboard Learn Course Site so the course id could be passed in and we could retrieve only data related to that course.


Has anyone else considered, or implemented, this?  Is it foolosh-thinking?  Are there other ways to achieve what we want?  We have our own copy of the analytics data so we can report on it - security is probably our biggest concern as we do not want academics seeing non-aggregated data on other courses.