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Certain Items shown in Grade Center are not showing in "My Grades"

Question asked by ll0055066 on Apr 4, 2017
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Hello everyone!  I have a question from a faculty member who noticed something odd while working with a student in Blackboard,.


The instructor has many columns in the Grade center and only a few are marked as hidden from the students.  But he says (and I have verified) that some things in the Grade Center are not showing in the student View of "My Grades" even though they are not marked as hidden from the students.


A couple are items the student did not complete that are past due such as a survey that was due on February 26th..  Items that are upcoming show in the My Grades area.

Is it possible that columns don't show to the student if the student didn't complete or submit an item before the due date or a grade was not issued for that item or if the item was marked as exempt?


Any Help would be appreciated.  Thanks!


Linda Leake

Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning

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