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SaaS Weekly Virtual Meeting

Question asked by ks27590 on Mar 30, 2017
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Now that our school has moved to Blackboard SaaS, we are interested in finding other Bb SaaS schools or soon-to-be Bb SaaS schools who would be interested in a virtual weekly meeting to share information, discoveries, etc. 

I am happy and honored to start the "virtual ball rolling" and I would like to ask for some quick feedback of interest, format, and times for such a meeting. 

To start the ball rolling, I was thinking a quick 20-30 weekly session via Collaborate perhaps on:

Tuesdays at 11:00 AM Eastern

or Tuesdays at 1:00 PM Eastern

or Thursdays at Noon Eastern


I do not know how many international SaaS colleagues we have and I would not want to exclude anyone who is interested so if we need to invest in a late afternoon or evening session, I am happy to give that a try.


Please feel free to reply to this message or email me directly at


Thank you in advance for your ideas.

Kathy Saville
Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN