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How do you or your admins create/manage course sections?

Question asked by mwilday on Mar 30, 2017

Our school has been managing courses since 2011. We have toyed with different ideas for course management, including bulk course creation, and meta-courses but I would love to hear what other moodlerooms clients are doing to manage course creation. As a point of background clarification, all of our courses are taught by adjunct faculty without editing privileges, and we template all of our courses so that each student gets the same experience in each course.


Here is our Process:

  • We keep a category of "Course of Record" courses that we use to maintain course integrity.
  • Edits/updates are made to these courses so that the currently running courses are not modified during a teaching term.
  • We create a category for each term and backup and restore the "course of record" course for each number of sections necessary each term.
  • We have been manually backing up and restoring (one at a time) each term. (We are on the brink of bulk creating courses with templates and using conduit, but there have been issues with this in the past. Most of those have been solved by updates to Moodle and we are going to attempt it again this coming term).


Has anyone had any experience with Meta Courses?

How do you manage educational requirements to archive content for 7 years?

What roadblocks or issues do you constantly face in course management?

What other methods do you use to create each term's courses?