Selfies with the Moodlers

Discussion created by jason.hardin on Mar 30, 2017
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For a while now the Moodlerooms team in Blackboard has had a competition of posting pictures with clients. The object was to capture a selfy with the largest number of clients as possible in the photo. Foong Yee Leong recently won the competition I think with over 100 customers in a selfy. With conference season starting, in the UK I know the Moot already happened, and some Teaching and Learning Conferences have also occurred, it would be fun to have clients post selfies of themselves and other Moodlers.


If you are somewhere with other Moodlers and talking about Moodle or Moodlerooms take a selfy and post it here. Describe what you were doing and where. If you want a challenge to try to beat the number of Moodlers Foong Yee Leong has in her picture whenever I can get her to post it.