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Average Column Displayed as Points

Question asked by stefan.schoemehl on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by stefan.schoemehl

I'm wondering if there is something wrong with how an Average column is calculated in Blackboard Learn.


From Blackboards website they give the following example


Three values: 8/10, 3/5, 2/2

Percentage equivalents: 80.0000%, 60.0000%, 100.0000%

Total of the values: 240.0000

Number of items: 3

Total value divided by number of columns: 240.0000/3 = 80.00%


When I use the values in Blackboard I actually get the following results.

Anyone know why it would come up with 79.99989% instead of 80%


Also when looking at the AVG points for the assignment it shows 4.53 points but if I multiply that by 3. I get 13.59 instead of 13. 


Is there something wrong with the formula in Blackboard or am I just not grasping how the Average should be calculated.


Thanks, Steve