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Finding grades behind overrides

Question asked by ryan.fuller on Mar 28, 2017
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In our program, we assign a grade of zero when students do not submit an assignment, test, etc. by the due date. They have the opportunity to complete the assignment, etc. within certain dates. The issue we are running into is with auto-graded assignments - is there an easy way for the instructor to determine if a student has completed an auto-graded assignment that has an override score of zero so the instructor can clear out the override grade? I know the orange triangle in the grade center indicates override grades, but it does not differentiate between a grade behind the override and no grade. When a student submits a non-auto-graded  assignment "behind a zero", the instructor can view the grade center, remove overrides with exclamation points and use the needs grading view to review submissions - the (few) auto-graded items behind zeros have us scratching our heads...


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Ryan Fuller