BbWorld 2017 - Finalizing the session selections! 

Discussion created by vivek.ramgopal on Mar 22, 2017

Hello, community! We are finalizing the sessions in the next two weeks. Notifications will be sent in early/mid April. I'm really impressed with the sessions that you all submitted this year - from industry topics, to best practices around teaching and learning to product adoption stories.


Several of you submitted similar topics. There were also a few sessions that fell under similar themes (e.g. faculty development, best practices in the classroom, tips and tricks with Learn.) Instead of choosing one over another, we are reaching out to some of you to see if you'd be open to co-presenting. We want to afford more people the opportunity to present.


Let me know if you have any other questions. (And I'll answer the first one - of course all speakers for combined sessions will get the speaker discount!