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How to store files from filePicker in blackboard?

Question asked by anlu on Mar 21, 2017
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I am going to make this as simple as possible:


1. We have a form with a <bbNG:filePicker baseElementName="submission_file">, which is currently set to single file e.g "INLINE_SINGLE_LOCAL_FILE_ONLY" (but that may change).

2. We use spring, so in our controller we currently have @ModelAttribute("submission_file_LocalFile0") UploadFile file.

3. Our goal is to take the file (or files) from the picker, save them in the blackboard database and then load it back into the <bbNG:filePicker>.



Well the question is really, how would one do this?

But other questions also arises:

     1. Can on use already exsisting blackboard entities ? Like using UploadedFile and blackboards own "files" entity/table ? (tried this altho the file picker seem to want a "FilePickerFile" for its      "attachedFiles" attribute and the Uploaded file does not seem to convert into FilePickerFile without making a completely new file).

     2. There seem to be many type of files BbFile, UploadedFile, etc Are any usable for non-blackboard devs?


Code examples would be nice