TLC Milano - We suggest that you check out a few key terms before we meet on Tuesday

Discussion created by bb0048849 on Mar 18, 2017

Hi all


Here at Aarhus University we are looking forward to seeing you at the Bb conference next week.


We have a presentation/workshop as part of the Scandinavian Users Group on Tuesday, in which we will refer to Institution Roles and Institutional Hierarchy.  Most of you are most likely familiar with the two terms (functionalities) in Blackboard, but you may have colleagues who are also going, who are not and who do not follow this community. In that case, please
share this entry with them (incl. links) so that they can prepare a little and get more out of the presentation.


Institution Roles

Institution roles control what brands, tabs, and modules users see when they log in to Blackboard Learn. Institution roles also grant or deny access to Content Collection files and folders.


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Institutional Hierarchy

The Institutional Hierarchy is designed to allow administrators to delegate administration tasks to other users when appropriate. The hierarchy can also be used to display tools only in selected courses.


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See you next week!
Birgitte Balslev, AU