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How do you find delegated grading?

Question asked by roger.gardner on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by djagger

Dear all

Is anyone successfully using delegated grading at scale to divide marking up between multiple markers?  In a small amount of use so far we have found particular challenges around:

  1. Bugs relating to disabled enrolments in courses which stop delegated grading working properly
  2. Moderation processes. Moderators cannot so easily see the spread of grades in courses with larger numbers of students on the “Reconcile grades” screen as in the Full Grade Centre. However, if markers reconcile the grades then there are limits in how feedback can be edited afterwards.
  3. School admin staff (not Blackboard admins), who are not markers, need to be assigned delegated grader permissions in order to be able to administer the process. This means for example that if you are using rubrics for feedback, students see rubrics with the admins' names as potential markers which is confusing

At the moment my impression is that delegated grading does not meet our institutional requirements, but would be happy to hear any accounts of successful use and be persuaded otherwise!

Any suggestions or comments on your experiences with this?

Best wishes