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Display new assessment module in course content list

Question asked by robinss on Mar 14, 2017


Currently blackboard has a course content list where all the assignments, files and other course content is displayed.  In the picture below, there are three different self and peer assessments displayed. We are trying to develop a new peer assessment module for Blackboard, and want the peer assessment entities of this module also to be displayed in this list. We do have a link in Assessments as defined in the manifest (see picture number 2 below, action-type value="evaluate") that lets us go to the assessment tab and create our own assessment, but this does not make it appear in the course content list. So the main question is:


How can we make newly created peer assessments be displayed in the course content list?






A relevant follow-up question to this would also be:



How can we make the submissions of such an assessment be displayed inside the Grading Center?


In advance, thanks!


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Robin Sjøvoll