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Where do your students find information? Intranet vs. Bb

Question asked by mb0047876 on Mar 12, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by al37430

At NTNU, we have an intranet for students and employees, where we post (almost) all links and information on wiki pages and message feeds. The exception has been the (old) learning management system, where each course has its own message/news feed and the system itself has its own message feed (just like Blackboard). This means that all messages from teachers about the courses, as well as notifications about the courses, are isolated in the LMS, with all other information on the intranet. Since the courses are the most important aspect of their studies, this means that information written in the LMS is far more visible to students than the information in the intranet.


We are hoping to traverse this divide by populating our intranet with announcements and notifications from Bb, and populate Bb with the news feeds from the intranet. Thus far, we have not decided if we will do this with custom B2s or core functionality.


I'm interested in learning if anyone is using Blackboard as the institution intranet, and if not: how you have designed the relationship between your intranet and Blackboard (which nformation goes where etc).