Getting started with the BbVM

Discussion created by jdiamant on Mar 9, 2017

In the user group session today I talked about the Virtual Machine and getting setup and some pitfalls I had.  Below is the reference material from the session and some of the current instructions from the Btbb article along with added links to the 3rd party software installation guides.


Visit BtBb to Obtain the Bb Learn VM version




  • Developer-class workstation or laptop that supports Linux virtual machines.


  1. 1. Create a directory on your computer for your Vagrant VM (e.g. $HOME/Vagrant/Learn)
  2. 2. Download the Vagrant virtual machine and Vagrantfile from Behind the Blackboard and place them in the directory above.
  3. 3. Run the following commands in that directory:

  vagrant up

  vagrant ssh

  1. 4. You are now logged into the VM. Run the following command to start Learn:

  sudo /usr/local/blackboard/tools/admin/ServiceController.sh services.start


Directories in which report definitions are located:



     EG: /usr/local/blackboard/content/reporting/reportdefs/blackboard.ls.statistics/reports

Report file example: ls_system_usage.rptdesign

Bb Community articles discussing VM: