Looking to the future of Bb Learn Data Reporting User Group

Discussion created by hxnguyen on Mar 7, 2017
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Hi Everybody!....*Hi Doctor Nick!*


As you all know, our monthly meeting is coming up this week, and with the change of organizational leaders in the Bb Learn Data Reporting User Group (me joining), I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce a wider variety of technical topics for discussion outside of the typical SQL queries during our monthly calls. While SQL queries can be great in providing a deeper level of understanding, it doesn't always paint a complete picture, if you're using it for something such as investigation as oppose to reporting.


So eventually I'd like to discuss topics such as Reading Learn Logs, how to gather information on an issue that's being experienced, diving deeper into BIRT reporting, maybe even building a repository here for the community to share their different BIRT reports that they've found useful. But while I'd like to discuss those types of topics, I feel it is extremely important to gain an understanding of the community and find out the types of technical topics that you all would like to learn a little bit more about in Learn, or the kind of discussions you'd like to have more of here.


So please use this thread to leave some comments with your thoughts on the group and what you hope to gain from it. What types of ideas are you interested! I hope to hear some feedback from you all!