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How to configure a Course Tool link to open in a new tab

Question asked by cm29392 on Mar 3, 2017

One of our building blocks has the below portion in bb-manifest.xml to configure a Course Tool link leading staff to an external site.



                            <type value="course_tool"/>

                            <name value="Re:View"/>

                            <url value="w/reviewlink/staff" />

                            <description value="Re:View Staff Login link" />


                                <listitem value="images/review_icon.gif"/>




"w/reviewlink/staff" would be replaced by a configurable value.


However, the external site configured the X-FRAME-OPTIONS header to "SAMEORIGIN" resulting in it cannot be displayed as an iframe.


Is there a way to update this bb-manifest.xml to open this external site link in a new tab?