Backchannel Tools/Use and Learn Integration

Discussion created by tp36301 on Mar 2, 2017
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We had an instructor asked about if we have a approved officially supported "backchannel" tool.


I am not aware of any in Higher Ed that have licensing beyond the instructor like TodaysMeet or Backchannel Chat (Backchannel Chat - Safe Secure Classroom Discussions) but these are one offs that have not LMS integration in Higher Ed LMS environments.


Has anyone else come across this for mobile (or other) interaction in class?  This reminds of the old virtual chat feature in Learn and this could be accomplished on BbC I suppose.


I think these more active live discussions that can from a F2F instructor and I have seen this appears to be more of a K-12 based on the most popular tools.


Let me know if anyone has come across this and if anything official was selected and configured and whether BbC or something else was used to accomplish this.




Toni P.