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How do other schools handle incomplete course access for students?

Question asked by sharon.clucka on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by cf26721

Hello All,

I have been asked by our Distance Ed group to create a course role for students that will allow a student to access an unavailable course.  Currently instructors have to manually turn off all students access in the course with the exception of the student with the incomplete grade and extend the end date to accommodate the incomplete student access.  The request was to copy the student role, name it 'incomplete student (? or something like that) update the role for that student to have access to an unavailable course.  This would mean the instructor would only have to update the role for one student and they could continue working in the class.

I have not been able to copy the student role, nor create a role that I can give privileges to to that will  show up as a student in a course and have access to an unavailable course.

How do other schools handle this process?

Can the student role be copied through a ticket to BtBb?

Any thoughts?