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SafeAssign Latency issues

Question asked by ra0043350 on Feb 28, 2017
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This year, more of our instructors have been using the SafeAssign tool with their assignments, as we have rolled out documentation and training on this feature. However, we have noticed a substantial increase in latency times throughout within the past 5 months, even after updating to the latest version. Since September 2016, It seems that there have been latency alerts of 6 hours or more issued for at least 30 days within this 150-day period, which is quite high, and is causing a lot of frustration and delay in grading for our faculty.


I do understand that this is typically attributed to "high volume of submissions", but would like some more information on whether a long-term resolution is being pursued, and if there is a timeline for implementation. We are approaching the mid-way point of our Spring term, and do plan to use this tool exclusively - is there any "light at the end of the tunnel"?