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Allowfullscreen in custom iFrame embeds

Question asked by rj26808 on Feb 28, 2017



We produce a Blackboard Building Block that allows users to embed video content into their Blackboard learn sites. The plugin can also be used to embed videos into text submissions for assignments. When using Flash, this is fine as full screen is baked into a Flash player, however when embedding using HTML iFrames, the user cannot make the player full screen.


We discovered that the allowfullscreen iFrame attribute is not specified as part of the accepted safe HTML filters as specified at the bottom of this page. Is there a reason for this or is it simply an oversight?


It would be especially useful to us as we have customers that require our product to serve video over HTML, but also require a Blackboard assignment submission tool supporting fullscreen video embeds, and as far as I can see this is not currently possible.


If anyone has more information on whether this can be made available in future, or if I'm missing something important, please do let me know.