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I have a need for modules similar to My Courses & My Organizations ..

Question asked by mk31485 on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by mb0047876

BUT....  I want to control (filter) what courses are actually displayed.



We have compliance courses that all employees have to take like sexual harassment 

We have compliance courses that only specific staff must take like blood borne pathogens

Then we have advising courses that we want all faculty to see they are available and they are pre enrolled so they can participate at any time

I am sure we will come up with other scenarios too


The my courses and my organizations modules are becoming too cluttered since users can always decide if courses are grouped by term and re-arrange by term I can not come up with a good way to handle this.


Yes ... I have as a temporary fix created an HTML module and make it look the way I want but if a course is added I have to modify

for courses that are created new each term I have to modify for that too


Any ideas or does some one know of a building block that might help..