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Embedding images in feedback

Question asked by andieroid on Feb 23, 2017

Dear Community


There appears to be a non-standard method of including images in test feedback.  Rather than the usual button to upload an image, found in the text editors elsewhere in Bb (such as the question text field), for the feedback sections, there is instead a dropdown (see attached) with a "Special Action" option to either "Create a link to this media file" or "Embed image within page". 

  • The default option (Create a link...) is next to useless as it requires the image to be publicly available somewhere, e.g. Dropbox, and if not - the image won't display.
  • The latter option seems to be the obvious choice, but it does not provide any control over the image size or where it is put - it just appears full size under the feedback box.

We have found a workaround, by uploading the images into the question text at the top, then copying the html <a href... links this generates into the feedback text box, but this seems rather clunky and a method that Bb does not intent?


I would be grateful to know if we have perhaps inadvertently turned off the upload image feature in the text editor or if there is a rationale that we are missing as to why there is a different method for image handling in feedback fields?


Best wishes