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A test question with more than one correct answer?

Question asked by andieroid on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by gw0046349

Dear community,


we are attempting to create a Script Concordance Test (SCT) using the Multiple Choice question type.

SCT is a decision-making exrecise that can occasionally result in two identically weighted correct responses (as the answer has been derived from a range of expert opinions and therefore accounts for 'grey' areas in knowledge).

Although Bb Learn enables 100% to be assigned to more than one response, only one response in a question can be designated as the "correct" one.

Some of our students therefore will receive "Correct" whereas others will receive 100%, but it won't be labeled as correct which could be confusing to some students who may not see the 100% score at the top of the page.

Does anyone know how to either switch off the requirement to have a "correct" answer or (preferably) have two correct answers within a question?


Thank you,