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Grades - each item must be at 84% to met or above to get a pass for the whole course

Question asked by Shannon.Augustine on Feb 22, 2017
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This is a bit complication -


We are using GoSignMeUp for external training.  We used certificate tool in Blackboard, however, it is not customized and we know we can do the customized certificate as identified in this community.  We are able to assign a certificate to the user if the user passes module 1, module 2, and module 3, with a grade of 84% or above in each module.  It has to be 84% or more in each module.


Now I am trying to use column in the Grade Center where it can tell me if this user has completed the course requirement (84% or above in each module).  I tried to use weighted column, but realized it will not make any difference because if I get 100% on module 1 and module 2, but 75% in module 3, I will get a pass anyway.  The reason why I am asking this because GoSignMeUp only looks at one column not three columns and I am trying to hack the Gradebook do one column based on those three columns then I can pass the value over to GoSignMeUp.


Let me know if you are able to do this kind of "calculated column"