Ian Holder

What analytics do you find useful in your institution?

Discussion created by Ian Holder on Feb 20, 2017

I thought a good discussion and sharing experience would be which analytics you find useful in your institution, and how you use them.


To start with 2:

  1. we find the integrated Activity & Grade Scatter Plot can be useful for identifying outlying students -- students who are putting in a lot of effort [lots of accesses] for little reward [low grades], or for those who are in danger of failing out: low activity and low grade.  Interventions can then take place.
  2. we got Bb to create a custom report which shows the number of accesses, earliest and latest date, and which students have accessed content in a Blackboard course site.  This helps academics see if key resources are being accessed at the class or individual student level -- perhaps a key resource is buried in 5 layers of folders and no-one has seen it.  It also helps shows when students "pull out" of the class and stop accessing content -- raising questions such as, did something put them off?


What about you?