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relating to using Content Collection...

Question asked by nkbabson on Feb 21, 2017

In our BbL9.1 (MHC) environment we have and heavily use Content Collection... especially for eReserves (materials for reading being managed by our Library). We have procedures where faculty can request access to library material (such as journals, articles, etc) and the library staff will post links in the requestor's Bb course(s) a time-controlled access to the materials. Works well for our needs.


Now we are doing a pilot program on campus (with selected faculty, students, and courses) using the new Bb Ultra on MHC's SaaS platform. The new version of Bb Ultra does not provide the same capability as we could with 9.1's Content Collection. There is no "Content Collection" system on the new platform. Thus there are challenges where we try to find a way to provide eReserves service to the courses on the Bb Ultra (SaaS) platform.


So hence this post/question: Do any of you have any idea and/or suggestion on how to provide eReserves services using the SaaS/Bb version??


I look forward to hearing your ideas/suggestions.