Re-building the Course Roster

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Hi everybody,

My name is Peter Norberg and I am a system administrator for BB at Dalarna Univerity, a new customer for Blackboard. We are in a very intense phase with configuration and integration and we are aiminig to go "Live" after the summer break. We are going straight to SaaS with Ultra enabled, but our courses will still be in 9.1 classic, until Ultra courses have matured in terms of features and such. I have a few discussion topics I want to share with you, mostly regarding changes/custom development in the base configuration of Blackboard that Dan has encouraged us to get your feedback on. This will be the first of such topics.


The course roster in Blackboard 9.1 is in our opinion lacking necessary features, and from our discussions with Dan, I think there are a few of you that share the same view. These are our comments:

- Only three fields are visible (first, last, email), making it difficult to discern who is who in those (rare) cases where you have more than one student with the exact same name (it has happened before)

- No teachers are visible in the course roster

- You are not able to send course messages through the course roster

- The course roster seem empty when you first use it, forcing you to search for users (this is how many areas work in the admin panel, but here regular users are forced to understand how these options work.


Dan showed me mockups from some of you that looked interesting (please attach if you want to show them and we would like to move this question forward, to see if we could get some sort of joint effort. The course roster in Ultra courses are much more appealing but we, along with many others, won't go that route any time soon.


Best regards,

Peter Norberg

Dalarna University