Analytics and Educause - Two Resources

Discussion created by mike.sharkey@blackboard.com on Feb 19, 2017

I wanted to share two things about analytics as it relates to the Educause community.  First, Dr. John Whitmer and I presented a session at the Educause ELI conference this past week.  Both John and I feel strongly that "black boxes" aren't a good way to promote community in higher ed analytics.  Given the opportunity, we like to share all of the gory details.  Our session at ELI was called "I'm Just a Bill: The Data Science Version ".  Yes, it's a litlte U.S. centric and a little Gen X centric...sorry for discriminating.  :-|
I'm attaching the slide deck we used.  If anyone wants a personalized walkthrough or even a presentation to folks at your institution, all you've got to do is ask.


Secondly, I worked with a couple of colleagues to create a channel where folks who have implemented analytics initiatives that promote student success can share what they've done.  Educause was nice enough to host this as a group with a listserv.  Here's the link: Student Success Analytics Constituent Group | EDUCAUSE


Feel free to sign up if it interests you.  Our first function is to create a list/manifest of these kinds of initiatives so that there's a shared resource out there.


As always, feel free to ping me with questions.  Thanks!