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Blackboard Content linking to a specified URL

Question asked by Ian Holder on Feb 17, 2017

Hi all,


We use Equella for storing some of our content, which we then link to through Blackboard course sites.  We have been asked if, given a series of Equella URLs, we can we identify which course sites are linking to these URLs.  We have been told by the Equella custodian Equella cannot do it.


My first question is is this at all possible through Blackboard data?  Thinking through it, I am guessing it could be very difficult if the URL was stored as part of the text of an Item or a Blank Page.  It might be easier to find instances of the use of the URL tool to link to the URL...  But I am an analyst, so I may be way off.  And our academics have a habit of using embedded URLs rather than the URL tool so only using the lattter may underestimate the extent of linkage.


If it is possible, how would we go about it?  Do I contact our IT department and asked for a custom Blackboard Statistics report as I have for other requests?  Do I get access to the SQL Server analytics database and run a query, and, if so, what is the easiest way to get up to speed with the tables and columns names I need?  Or are there other options?


Once we get the sites we will use Blackboard Analytics to determine accesses to the content.


Thanks for your time.  Hope this makes sense, and is in the right area.  If you need any more information please ask,