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Creating a "Non-Enrolled" student Course role?

Question asked by ra0043350 on Feb 16, 2017
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Hello All,


I have been requested by a professor to add a user to their class who is basically a class auditor - I was able to create a customized course  role for this, allowing the user the ability to see and access everything a student can, without the permissions to participate in graded assignments.


However, we have now been asked to allow that student to be able to submit assignments via Blackboard. When i investigated this, i observed that no matter the settings I apply in Permissions, I can't get a user in a customized course role to appear on a course's gradebook, or provide the user the ability to participate in assignments/assessments.


If i add the user to the course as a regular "student" role, our SIS will kick them out during the integrations, as they are not officially enrolled in the course.


I would greatly appreciate any ideas you may have about incorporating this "unenrolled" student. Thank you in advance!