Major Bug found in Respondus Lockdown Browser

Discussion created by mb0044065 on Feb 16, 2017

Greetings everyone,


I just found a big bug while using Lockdown Browser while using groups to assign specific tests.

If an instructor with a merged course creates two different folders (Let's say Group A and Group B) Inside of a content area. In each folder, there's an assessment that requires Lockdown Browser and each assessment has an exception specifying that only one group can take the test.


When a student belonging to Group B login into the class and clicks on the folder label Group A, even though the test has the group exception that only group A can see and take this test, the student from Group B is able to successfully launch and take the test for Group A. Lockdown browser is completely ignoring the exception rule inside of the test. This is a major problem as you can see.


Group specifics. The groups were created manually and they are not part of a group set.


I found a workaround that I'm glad to share with you, so you can inform other LDB users while this issue gets addressed.


The way to ensure only Group B takes their assigned test is by creating an exception at the folder level. Meaning that only students belonging to Group A can see the folder, this way we are letting Blackboard handled the restriction and vice-versa.


Again, this is just a temporary workaround while Respondus address the bug of LDB not taking into consideration the exceptions.  Why is this important, it's important because, if there's a special needs student requiring a time exception, LDB will work with the original settings of the exam without taking into consideration the exception and opening the door to schools to get into trouble for not being A.D.A. compliant.


Hope this information helps!


Mary Jane