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Pyramid - Interactions in Course Item Accesses

Question asked by Ian Holder on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by Ian Holder

cf the problems we are having in getting analytics for what content has been clicked on by students, as Pyramid's accesses measure counts content that is loaded, not accessed ... -- see Pyramid - New Content Item Accesses measure


Can we use the value of interactions to determine if a student actually has accessed content?  That is, if it is a value of 0 they have not and the access recorded means the content folder the content is in was loaded, and if it is a value greater than 0 the student actually accessed the content?


As an example:

Jill Smith   Module 1 content   Accesses: 20    Interactions: 0

Jill Smith   Module 1 exam      Accesses: 25    Interactions: 2


By this can we assume Jill Smith has not actually accessed Module 1 content as the interactions are 0, but has accessed the content folder the content it is in 20 times, and Jill Smith has accessed the Module 1 exam twice as the interactions are 2, and accessed the content folder this content is in 25 times?


Hope this makes sense.  We are just trying to get a reliable analytic for content accesses.  Thanks,