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WebAssign B2 Sync

Question asked by tr23025 on Feb 17, 2017



I've had an ongoing issue with the WebAssign building block for as long as we've had it running. Here's what happens: after a Bb server restart (we are MH) the WA auto-sync processes stop. To fix, all I do is navigate to the B2's auto-sync settings page and Save the page (after faculty complain that their course isn't syncing). I've been working with WA support for about a year and a half (with almost zero results) and recently began discussing this with Tony Lutz, Bb Client Support Engineer, who has been extremely helpful.


Has anyone else experienced this auto-sync issue with the WA building block? We are trying to find a pattern. We even setup a new test environment and got the same results, so now we're beginning to think the issue can't be unique to us.